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Why does the Australian price for a Santa Cruz bike seem so expensive when compared to the US price?

When people do price comparisons between the US price and AU price, they often just compare the retail price with the exchange rate and forget the hidden costs.

Some of these hidden costs include international credit card fees (1%), international freight and insurance (about US$200), customs duty (5%), customs release fee (about $80) and GST on all of the above. Neezy also includes a shock pump with every frame (RRP $70.00) where US stores do not.

The importer also pays for all associated costs of business including warranty servicing, back up, spare parts, warehousing, tooling, local marketing and advertising, sponsored local race teams, demo bikes, insurance, wages, etc. The list goes on.

Unfortunately, these are unavoidable costs of international distribution.

Why wouldn’t I just buy a bike in the US and bring it back to Australia – it would be a lot cheaper?

Don't forget you need to add the US State tax (around 10%), which isn't included in the advertised US price, freight and customs costs.

There is no warranty backup on frames and components bought outside Australia so you will be liable for the cost of any work or replacement parts.

Can I buy frames direct from Neezy?

We do not sell directly to the public. Neezy Pty Ltd is an importer and wholesaler only.

We only supply our products to quality bicycle retailers that can serve customers face-to-face during regular retail hours.

Please see our Dealer List for an Authorised Dealer near you. If you are more than 50km from an Authorised Dealer, ask your local bike store to contact us.

We do sell ex-demo bikes direct to the public. These bikes have been tested for magazine reviews or test ridden by potential customers and are offered at a lower price than regular retail. Click here for Ex-Demo Bikes.




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