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How Our Service System Works

Send it to us

To avoid delays, send Express Post. Send rear shocks in a padded mail bag or small box, and forks in a cardboard wrap if you don't have a fork box.

For Coil-over shocks, you can remove the spring to save weight.

Send your shock/fork to Neezy Pty Ltd, PO Box 120, WILSTON, QLD 4051, Australia with the Service Form enclosed.

What needs to be done?

Remember to complete the Service Form and enclose it with your suspension unit. If your suspension is leaking/dirty please put the form in a separate plastic bag!


A quick clean before stripping down (we like to receive clean forks/shocks best!) then over to the bench for a little repair/service action. In addition to the job requested we also rectify all known faults. All parts used during the repair/tuning are returned for your inspection.

Sometimes it may be necessary to contact you to confirm certain details. It’s possible, when we open the unit up, that some additional parts are required to complete the tuning/repair and we will talk to you before we fit them. Or, if any necessary parts are unavailable we will contact you and give you an ETA. All forks and shocks, prior to return, are hand-dyno’d to check their performance.


Once we have completed your service, an invoice will be sent to you. We prefer email but fax or post works too!

Once payment is received, your shock/fork will be sent back to you by Express Post .

How to pay

  • By mail
    Mail cheque to:

    Neezy Pty Ltd,
    PO Box 120,
    WILSTON, QLD 4051
  • Credit card by phone
    Call 0418 771 583 to arrange payment by credit card.
    Minimum payment of $10.00. Maximum payment of $10,000.
    A 1.5% payment processing fee applies to all payments over $100.00
  • Bank deposit
    Deposit payment directly into Neezy P/L bank account. Ref: your invoice #.

    Bank: St George
    Account Name: Neezy Pty Ltd
    BSB No.: 334-005
    Account No.: 55-251-6101

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